Could this be the best superhero movie of all time? I think maybe, just maybe, it is! Director Zack Snyder has succeeded where others have recently failed, blending some extremely brilliant yet not cheesy comedy in with the pseudo seriousness of a super hero film.

The latest installment from the DC comic franchise runs rings around the last one with far more relatable, watchable, and most certainly funnier scripts flawlessly delivered by the cast of AAA list celebrities.

Don’t expect too much of a surprise in the plot line - or for that matter - much of a plot line at all. It’s a typical goodies versus a villain story. The twist however, sees the hero’s teaming up, adding a fantastic dimension to the movie and a new level of chemistry to the Justice League.

The crew is assembled by Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman, played by Ben Affleck - also a producer on the film. Whilst Affleck plays a solid part, I found him to be the least impressive. In fact, it almost feels a little lackluster, as though he dialed in the performance and wasn’t that into it.

The balance of the core cast absolutely nailed it. Henry Cavill smolders as Superman, but that’s standard. And, if it’s even possible, he may have gotten hotter! Ezra Miller is crack up as Flash and brings the freshest approach to any of the characters. Jason Momoa brings Aquaman to life and is simply superb. If I had one complaint about Aquaman, I think it’s that he wore a t-shirt too often! Although when he wasn’t his trademark, his body didn’t disappoint.

The show stealer in every way of this film has to be Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Her acting skills are second to none and her trade mark beauty is embraced in the film with every character, admitting at some point to being attracted to her, probably matched by every person watching the film male or female. She is simply stunning in every way.

The ensemble cast is also one of the most impressive you will see. With names like Dianne Lane, Amy Adams, J.K Simmonds, and Amber Heard all playing barely a cameo, you know you’re in for a great film. They all bring a little magic to the film, albeit briefly.

If you’re an action hero fan then you will most certainly love this film. The fun fact here is that I typically cannot stand super hero movies and yet, I loved this one! Not being a typical fan, I don’t recall the plots of any past super hero films nor do I know how the various movies and stories intertwine, but I found with this one you really don’t need to know. If you aren’t a typical fan, you will get as much out of this as any other great move.

I wouldn’t go in thinking you’ll be enthralled in a deep and meaningful story, but if you’re looking to tune out, have some fun, and a bloody good laugh while watching some of the world’s biggest stars bringing a fun story to life, then this is a must see!

4 stars






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