Australian singer Rob Mills has caused a stir for posting an image of two male lego figures in a sexual position after the Hawks defeated the Swans in the AFL grand final on Saturday. Undoubtedly the image was ill-considered and inappropriate, but was it homophobic?

Garry Burns, an anti-discrimination campaigner, thinks so. He lodged a vilification complaint against Mills on Tuesday under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board. Burns feels that the image portrays homosexual males as being sick, perverted and dirty.
“By publishing that pernicious image Rob Mills has publicly ridiculed homosexual men and portrayed them as being sick, perverted and dirty people in the eyes of the Australian public. I don’t take it up the poo-dah mate,” says Mr Burns.
But is this a case of the boy who cried wolf? I worry that jumping on incidents like this and reading too much into it will dilute the message when a more blatant homophobic statement is made.
Read the full story here.
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