You get paid more for dong the same job in NSW than you do for anywhere else in Australia according the Retailworld Salary Survey.
John Caldwell, CEO of Retailworld says: “You’ll get the most money for your work in Sydney while the poorest paid employees work in Adelaide.  The more senior the position, the higher the deviation”.
The state by state table of highest to lowest paid salaries shows:
  1. Sydney
  2. Melbourne
  3. Canberra
  4. Perth
  5. Brisbane
  6. Adelaide
The Retailworld Salary Survey  covered staff from fashion, accessories, cosmetics, exercise, footwear, furniture, hardware home ware jewellery luxury goods, recreation and leisure and technology and covered retail jobs from administration, buyers, sales finance, marketing, HR, store managers, assistant store managers and sales associates.
In some instances, for example a retail store manager in Sydney earned an average of $48,000 a years while in Adelaide for the same job it’s only $42,000 - 13% less.
Note: These figures exclude Superannuation , car allowances,  performance  bonuses

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