This is the comedy of the year!  It’s best to go into this movie with no expectations. There’s nothing deep and meaningful nor is the story line very original but it will have you laughing out loud from start to finish.

The opening scene sets the tone for this movie, and let me tell you it sets the bar very low when it comes to smutty humor and profanities but I absolutely loved it.

The not so genius plot is very straightforward.  Good girl Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) falls in love with a 32 year tech wizard billionaire Laird (James Franco) who happens to be a social misfit with no filter when it comes to speaking his mind especially about his intense passion for Stephanie and the F-bomb! 

Stephanie invites her wholesome Midwestern family for the holidays to meet Laird and doesn’t quite prepare them for what’s in store. 

Overprotective Father, Ned (Brian Cransky), bubbly Mother (Megan Mullaly), and sassy younger brother Scotty, brilliantly portrayed by Griffin Gluck, come to stay at the home or better yet, ‘sanctuary’ of their daughter’s new boyfriend. To paint you a picture, consider a modern day version of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch with roaming lamas, chooks, and buffalo, among other amenities.

Well-meaning Laird works tirelessly to win the respect of Stephanie’s family but with his social awkwardness and his turrets style swearing, he has his work cut out for him.  It’s Franco’s character, Laird who provides the bulk of the cringeworthily LOL’s, some that make you almost feel guilty about laughing as they push the boundaries of acceptability.

Almost every scene in this film from start to finish will have you laughing, at times it is impossible not to squeal out loud. The completely unrealistic scenes are executed brilliantly, making sure you don’t care how fake it seems because it’s just so damn funny. Not the least being a scene with a buffalo and some giant testacles that knock the youngest member of the cast out cold. This is only outdone by one of the funniest sex scenes to ever hit the big screen thanks to Megan Mullaly.

James Franco well and truly shows his comedic prowess in this film and is totally believable in the role. He barely wears a shirt the entire film, making his extremely cut body another highlight.

There is an underlying storyline of finding true love and family unity that is quite heartwarming but the essence is probably lost in amongst the crude jokes and swearing. 

There is no shortage of things to focus on in this movie,  it’s a virtual feast for the eyes with something happening all the time.

A special guest appearance by the world’s highest paid TV actress, Kaley Cuoco adds an extra layer to the story line and will be sure to keep the laughter flowing.

This movie captivated me, I thought of nothing else except immersing myself in the story line. I laughed out loud throughout the entire film, despite its predictability.  I loved “Why Him?” and so it is my pick as comedy of the year.



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