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Full Throttle

Discover the captivating story of John Caldwell and Trish McLean, the resilient odd couple of business. Full Throttle is a gripping tale of triumph over adversity, part personal journey, part business manual.

Full Throttle

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Full Throttle is John and Trish's frequently inspiring, often outrageous and always engrossing story, part personal journey, parThey're the odd couple of business.

John Caldwell is an Australian who was raised in caravan parks by parents whose lives were a cycle of violence, alcohol and promiscuous sex. John was bullied at school, abused by foster parents, and was present when his father killed himself with a shotgun in the family caravan. Against his family’s expectations he rose above this nightmarish childhood. Determined to make something of himself, he became the owner of two pizza franchises and won the Franchise Store of the Year award by the age of 21. All the time he concealed from colleagues and friends that he was gay.


Trish McLean is the ambitious Kiwi country girl who made her boyfriend sign a pre-nup before they moved in together and, while knowing nothing about the restaurant business, ran her own restaurant at the age of 26. When she saw the need for a specialist retail-recruiting agency, she co-founded Retailworld Resourcing in 2001. But the week she was due to launch the company she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In one week she went ahead with the launch and had a double mastectomy. She worked right through reconstructive surgery and treatment, sleeping in a corner of the office when overcome with nausea or fatigue.

In 2004 John and Trish launched Retailworld into Australia. Together they have survived numerous personal and professional crises to make Retailworld Resourcing the most successful company of its type in New Zealand and Australia. After one disastrous attempt to launch in the UK they have bounced back and are now back on track to enter a new market.

t business manual. The pair share their secret strategies and demonstrate why success is a matter of both attitude and application.

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